What is the playdough made out of?
The playdough is made with wheat flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, olive oil, food grade food colouring and scented with Young Living Essential Oils (if selected)
How long will the playdough last?
If playdough is well taken care of (stored in sealed container out of direct sunlight), it should last 6-12 months. The playdough is cooked which helps to increase it's shelf-life. If salt crystals or discolouring occurs, knead playdough. 
Does the playdough need to be stored in the fridge?
No it does not need to be. I recommend it be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent any discolouration. 
What age are kits appropriate for?
For most kits (except the My First Kit), I would recommend the kits are suitable for ages 3+ due to the small pieces that can be choking hazards. Adult supervision is advised. 
Where is local pick up?
Free local pick up is in West Edmonton in the Callingwood/Lessard neighbourhood